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Top Digital Download WordPress Plugins

Released - October 3rd, 2022

Top Digital Download WordPress Plugins
If you are looking for a perfect download management utility for selling digital products, this post on Top Digital Download WordPress Plugins will definitely help you pick one. An easy, convenient download extension to WordPress website is a crucial part for conducting e-commerce business dealing on digital goods such as software, templates, multimedia (like videos, audios, and photos etc.), e-books, themes, online courses, tickets, as well as documents, spreadsheets, and other professional services (like web design, graphic design, marketing, and copywriting etc.). However, there are several popular digital download utilities out there offering compelling features to utilize in your WordPress website to convert your traffic into leads, customers, and clients.
Here we have recommended for our audience 5 of the top digital download WordPress plugins that are being largely used by e-commerce businesses and enterprises with a view to engaging maximum traffic and growing sales to a large extent.
The downloading plugins that we have reviewed are the best ones offering the most satisfying customer experience with essential downloading tools and equipment along with reliable payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon, etc. integrated to them.
To arrange, manage, and manipulate different types of digital assets and selling them online, numerous comprehensive features and functionalities have been introduced to these top digital download WordPress plugins that are hugely convenient and widely appreciated.

Top Digital Download WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce Business

The following are our collection for the best digital download extensions to be used by different eCommerce businesses dealing on downloadable items and operating online storefronts, shops, outlets, blogs, and affiliate programs etc. The maximum conversion for digital goods offered by eCommerce businesses can only be ensured with the apt utilization of the features and functionalities that these top digital download WordPress plugins encompass. So, explore the details of the following 5 plugins and pick the perfect one to install on your eCommerce website in order for an increased sale on your digital products.

  1. 1. WooCommerce
  2. 2. Easy Digital Downloads
  3. 3. Download Monitor
  4. 4. PayHip
  5. 5. WordPress Download Manager

1 / Top Digital Download WordPress Plugins – WooCommerce

Top Digital Download WordPress Plugin - WooCommerce
The popular WordPress plugin WooCommerce is undoubtedly the most convenient digital download solution for eCommerce businesses. Storefronts, shops, or outlets selling digital products use WooCommerce to a great extent for easy manipulation of downloadable digital files. Besides physical products, WooCommerce offers convincing flexibility to arrange, manage, and sell digital items with easy customization of product features and billing information.
A few other WooCommerce extensions like WooCommerce Check Out for Digital Goods that get rid of unnecessary functionalities required for physical goods also come useful in this respect. These WooCommerce-powered tools have all the essential features and functionalities to handle downloadable items for selling. The extensions can also be customized further to suit your purpose.
Digital Download Plugin WooCommerce Payments
Digital products such as eBooks, software, multimedia, templates, themes, and online lessons etc. can be integrated and showcased for sale in a WordPress website using the WooCommerce plugin with more flexibility than ever. Ecommerce business websites looking for supplementary extensions for added features and functionalities can also make use of WooCommerce Marketplace as well. However, the WooCommerce digital download WordPress plugin and its supporting extensions can be customized and adapted to your eCommerce website to any extent.


2 / Top Digital Download WordPress Plugins – Easy Digital Downloads

Top Digital Download WordPress Plugin - Easy Digital Download
The digital download WordPress plugin EDD is one of the easiest means of selling digital products online. Easy Digital Downloads comes with lots of compelling features and functionalities to best utilize in your eCommerce website in order to showcase and sell digital goods. The WordPress plugin comes integrated with lots of powerful tools essential to accomplish the process of selling and downloading digital files.
All the crucial digital download features such as Shopping Cart, Coupon, Payment Gateways, Purchase History, Sales and Download Statistics, Multiple Download and Download Limit etc. are introduced to Easy Digital Downloads. Various types of files such as documents, spreadsheets, pdfs, photos, audios, and videos as well as slides, templates, themes, apps and programs etc. can be processed as downloadable digital items and sold right away from a blog or business website. There are lots of other third-party tools along with pro-extensions that come integrated with the EDD Digital Download WordPress Plugin.
Digital Download Plugin Easy Digital Download Pricing Plan
The plugin comes integrated with MailChimp, Dropbox, AWeber, Zapier, ConvertKit, Slack,, and Affiliate WP etc. for enhanced seamless functionality. The integrated payment gateways are PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, and Apple Pay etc. However, features and integrated equipment vary in different EDD Plans.


3 / Top Digital Download WordPress Plugins – Download Monitor

Top Digital Download WordPress Plugin - Download Monitor
Download Monitor is one of the best WordPress solutions for selling digital products. The digital download WordPress plugin offers lots of convincing features for managing downloadable files and presenting them to potential customers. Several essential tools come built-in to leverage the selling and download process.
The digital download WordPress plugin offers features like Twitter Lock, Buttons, Captcha, CSV Importer and Exporter, Email Notifications, Terms and Conditions, Downloading Page, Page Addon, Google Drive, Ninja Forms Lock, Gravity Forms Lock, MailChimp Lock, Email Lock, and Advanced Access Manager etc. All these utilities are just meant to ease your task with selling digital products, managing downloadable files, and tracking and protecting your digital files as well as building your audience. However, the features vary according to the different plans offered by the WordPress digital download plugin.
Digital Download Plugin Download Monitor Pricing Plan
Selling digital products has never been any faster and easier than with the downloading and payment utilities provided by the popular Download Monitor WordPress plugin. All these tools and equipment are supposed to take your online selling experience of digital goods to another level. Nonetheless, the features and functionalities of Download Monitor and its extensions are further customizable to suit your purpose.


4 / Top Digital Download WordPress Plugins – PayHip

Top Digital Download WordPress Plugin - PayHip
PayHip is the greatest platform offering diverse features and functionalities to sell digital downloadable items. The compelling features offered exclusively for selling digital products can be availed with the WordPress integration of the plugin. Downloadable products such as documents, images, music, videos, presentation slides, templates, themes, software, and other digital items can be sold in the most convenient way using PahHIp.
There are multiple payment gateways integrated into PayHip other than just PayPal for the flexible purchasing process of digital products. PayHip allows payment via all the major cards in the different arrays of international currencies. The purchase and payment can also be made from anywhere of the world using any platform – website, social media, blog, or PayHip itself.
Digital Download Plugin PayHip Pricing Plan
Other notable features and services essential for digital selling offered by PayHip are Affiliate System, Offers and Coupons, Social Discount, Customer Update, Mailing Lists, Embedded Checkout and Shopping Carts, Download Limit, PDF Stamping, and Software Licenses etc.


5 / Top Digital Download WordPress Plugins – WordPress Download Manager

Top Digital Download WordPress Plugin - WordPress Download Manager
WordPress Download Manager is one of the best digital download plugins offering numerous convincing features for eCommerce business owners to sell their digital products online in the most convenient way. Primarily set out as a download management program, the WordPress Download Manager subsequently proved the smoothest platform for selling digital goods. The WordPress plugin allows selling digital items such as eBooks, presentations, templates, themes, multimedia, apps, and programs etc.
The digital download WordPress plugin offers a full-featured shopping cart with integrated payment gateways to quickly sell single products as well as bundle packages, exclusive customizable templates for order and invoice management, role-based discount i.e offering items free or at a discount price to some users while paid to others, detailed sale and order report, product specific coupons or global coupons for discounted products, single and multiple product variations (e.g license and price variation), and the simplest checkout options etc.
Digital Download Plugin WordPress Download Manager Pricing Plan
WordPress Digital Download Manager comes integrated with different payment gateways such as PayPal (allowing customers to make payments using PayPal Credit, Venmo, and Local Payment Methods), Stripe (online payments made easy as accepts all credit cards directly from the store), and Cryptos (allowing payment using BitCoin, Ethernet, as well as all other major cryptocurrencies).


So, these were our collection for the digital download plugins largely used by eCommerce businesses for selling digital products. Carefully explore the details and make a choice for yourself to use in your WorPress website in order to sell your downloadable digital items online. Hopefully, these top digital download WordPress plugins will help you out to select the perfect one.