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Top 10 WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Released - August 27th, 2022

top 10 WordPress contact form plugins postfeatured
If you are looking for a conveniently perfect contact form builder, this post titled “Top 10 WordPress Contact Form Plugins” will definitely help you out to select one. Here we have collected the best contact form add-ons for WordPress that have been being extensively used to build forms, from simple to complex ones. Most of the form plugins are available free along with their premium versions; a few form builders are completely free, though. The contact form plugins for WordPress come with diverse features and functionalities. Besides the lots of common features that the builders offer, there are a few form plugins that come with unique features to stand out from others. So, it is essentially critical to choose the perfect contact form plugin that will serve the purpose of your website the most. These top 10 WordPress contact form plugins are just the wide range of choices for you to find the perfect form builder utility.


How Important are WordPress Contact Form Plugins?

WordPress, being the most renowned content management system used by the largest number of individuals as well as companies, agencies, and corporate businesses, offers less effective medium for communication. The poor WordPress communication method does not suffice the user experience for a sophisticated website. Therefore, a conveniently effective and flawless contact equipment is required for a fluent communication. There comes the necessity of adding a pertinent WordPress contact form plugin.


The instances of using forms in a standard, dynamic website are many. There are several areas of a website where integrating a working form for connectivity is a dire need. Various types of forms used for establishing effective communication are sign-up/register forms, subscription forms, e-mail submission forms, order and transactional forms, and mailing forms etc. With these forms being introduced to your WordPress website, a healthy communication environment can be established to only ensure the maximum reach-out to your audience.


A well-designed sophisticated Contact Page with intuitive forms is much likely to draw the users’ attention the most and help create a platform for a consistent long-term relation. WordPress contact forms just take the user-experience of the website to another level. Hence, adding forms to your WordPress webpages, particularly to the contact page, is crucially important in such many respects.


Things to Consider Before Selecting a WordPress Contact Form Plugin

There are a few things to consider before you pick a WordPress contact form plugin to add to your website. The availability of the essential features required to create the special forms in your site is the first thing to consider when selecting a form builder plugin. Aside from this, there are other prime considerations you should care about before finally adding a contact form plugin to your WordPress website.


1. Visual Builder Integration: Whether the contact form plugin comes integrated with convenient Visual Editor to allow utilizing the drag and drop facility to manipulate form fields and elements.
2. Spam Filtration: If the contact form builder includes Essential Filters to protect from spams.
3. Conditional Logic Compliance: A standard WordPress contact form plugin should be compliant with Conditional Logic.
4. Pro Extensions Integration: If the upgraded plans come with the Premium Add-ons that are worth the additional price.
5. Front-end File Submission: Check the capability of the forms to allow Submissions and Uploads from the front-end.
6. Multi-pages: Are the forms extendable to Multiple Pages?
7. Retina Screens Compatibility: Are your forms Retina-ready for cross devices?
8. Extendibility: Check if the form builder tool is Customizable to introduce additional features and functionalities.
9. Multi-Language Support: Whether the WordPress contact form plugin is Multi-lingual or not.
10. Usage Limit: Consider the Limits regarding the number of websites you can use your contact form builder plugin in.


Top 10 WordPress Contact Form Plugins

The following 10 plugins are the best among the available contact form builders for WordPress out there, which we have collected and reviewed for you so that you can easily find the most suitable one for your website. The selections are made according to their popularity as well as the convincing features they offer. In fact, these top 10 WordPress contact form plugins are extensively used add-ons in web development industry, for their diverse features and functionalities.

  1. Contact Form 7
  2. WP Forms
  3. Ninja Forms
  4. Gravity Forms
  5. Fluent Forms
  6. Kali Forms
  7. Formidable Forms
  8. AR Forms
  9. Happy Forms
  10. Everest Forms


1 / Top 10 WordPress Contact Form Plugins – Contact Form 7

1 of the top 10 wordpress contact form plugins - contactform 7

Contact Form 7 is a completely free, open-source form builder utility which is by far the most popular WordPress contact form plugin out there. The extensively used WordPress form builder is further extendable with additional add-ons in order to enrich functionality. Most of these support extensions are also open-source and available for free.


The popular add-ons such as Akismet for spam filtration, Flamingo for storing messages, Google reCAPTCHA for spam protection, Google Analytics for Website Stats, Bogo for Multi-language, Paypal and Stripe for payments, and Mailchimp etc. can also be integrated into CF7. The core features of CF7 along with the added functionalities by other open-source extensions make the builder tool the most versatile one in the arena of WordPress free and premium contact form plugins.


However, the plugin lags behind in terms of accessibility as it lacks the modern drag-and-drop feature extremely useful to a non-expert user. Still, they can manipulate the basic features with a few tweaks and master the tool soon with more exercises. Otherwise, the tool is the most elaborate and comprehensive contact form builder and the most favorite communication development equipment for a website owner.




2 / Top 10 WordPress Contact Form Plugins – WP Forms

2 of the top 10 wordpress contact form plugins - wpforms

WP Forms is a beginner-friendly, easy yet powerful drag-and-drop contact form builder plugin. The WordPress form builder allows you to create stunning forms for contact as well as other types of forms such as subscription forms, feedback forms, transaction forms, survey and poll forms, registration forms, and newsletter forms etc. WP Forms form builder plugin comes with the free version with essential contact form building features along with paid version with premium form building features.


The WordPress plugin offers numerous pre-built form templates, ready to reproduce in your page customizing the elements if needed. The forms can be integrated with other form builders like Square Forms, MailChimp Forms, Zapier Forms, AWeber Forms, Authorize.Net Forms, GetResponse Forms, MailerLite Forms, Drip Forms, and HubSpot Forms etc. as well as various payment services like PayPal Standard, PayPal Commerce, and Stripe etc. The other core features include Spam Protection using hCaptcha and reCAPTCHA, Smart Conditional Logic, File Uploads, Geo-location, Post Submissions, Instant Form Submission, Smart Form Confirmation, and Form Locker etc.


The WP contact forms are well compatible with the popular page builders, only to ensure the drag-and-drop experience more fluent. The plugin offers the contact forms that are made responsive to various size retina screens and popular web browsers. The WP forms are also search engine friendly, and optimized for page speed as well. However, the contact form features are extendable to suit your purpose, customizing the Section Dividers, HTML blocks and CSS.




3 / Top 10 WordPress Contact Form Plugins – Ninja Forms

3 of the top 10 wordpress contact form plugins - ninjaforms

Ninja Forms Contact form is a user-friendly WordPress form builder plugin that comes with several striking features to create awesome forms with less effort. Aside from contact forms, Ninja Forms allows you to build several types of forms like Sign-up Forms, Register Forms, Application Forms, Quote Request Forms, Subscription Forms, Donation Forms, E-mail Submission Forms, and Transaction Forms etc. However, Ninja Forms comes in both the free and premium versions.


The contact form plugin comes with pre-built templates with drag-and-drop elements. The WordPress plugin can be integrated with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Zoho, Salesforce, PayPal, Stripe, and other extensions to enrich the equipment with added functionalities. The other Ninja Forms features include Spam Protection with Google reCaptcha and Akismet, File Uploads, Conditional Logic, Excel Export, Multi-part Forms, Save Progress, Front-end Posting, User Management, User Analytics, Webhooks, PDF Form Submissions, Multi-language, and WordPress GDR compatibility etc.


The Ninja contact form layouts are designed responsive so that they appear perfectly on retina screens and web browsers. The plugin elements are SEO-friendly and crafted to ensure maximum user-experience. The WordPress contact form plugin features are further extendable customizing the templates to best suit your need.




4 / Top 10 WordPress Contact Form Plugins – Gravity Forms4 of the top 10 wordpress contact form plugins - grapvityforms

Gravity Forms is one of the best WordPress contact form plugins that comes with the most comprehensive drag-and-drop visual editor. Gravity Forms offers multiple features for creating numerous types of forms to incorporate in your WordPress pages so as to automate your workflows in terms of establishing communication, lead generation and payment collection. Though the form builder comes with no free version, it offers different pricing plans, with lots of convenient premium add-ons coming with the upgraded ones.


The Gravitly Forms visual editor allows you to design and build your contact forms selecting and configuring the intuitive elements and dragging them to your pages. The Gravity Forms contact form plugin complies with popular apps like PayPal, Stripe, Zapier, HubSpot, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Dropbox, Authorize.Net etc. The other features include File Uploads, Secure Data Collection, Spam Protection, Conditional Logic, Workflow Automation, Online Transaction, and WCAG 2.1AA Compliance etc.


The Gravity Forms elements are SEO-friendly and compatible with the popular web browsers as well. The contact form elements are also retina-screens responsive, so they perfectly fit on various device displays. The form builder components are extendable and can be customized to add features and functionalities to best meet your requirements.



5 / Top 10 WordPress Contact Form Plugins – Fluent Forms

5 of the top 10 wordpress contact form plugins - fluentforms

Fluent Forms is taken to the most intuitive, fast, comprehensive contact form builder plugin out there. The WordPress contact form plugin offers all the modern features for creating forms in a convenient way including drag and drop visual editor. Apart from making contact forms, Fluent Forms allows you to create numerous other types of forms perfectly suitable for business, service, marketing, education, survey, academy, eCommerce, report, IT, and social purposes. Both the free and premium versions are available for Fluent Form contact form builder plugin.


The contact form creation is made easier than ever, dragging and dropping required form fields from a whole load of ready templates integrated with visual editor. The form builder offers other convincing features such as File Uploads, Multi-page Forms, Conditional Logic, Spam Protection, Confirmation Notification, SMS Notifications, Conditional Emails, Action Hooks, Multi-column Layout, and Form Scheduling etc.


The WordPress contact form plugin essentially integrates with PayPal, Stripe, Slack, ConverKit, Campaign Monitor, ConstantContact, GetResponse, iContact, HubSpot, Moosend, Mautic, Zapier, Webhook, MailerLite, Sendinblue, MailChimp, and SendFox etc.




6 / Top 10 WordPress Contact Form Plugins – Kali Forms

6 of the top 10 wordpress contact form plugins - kaliforms

The easy, powerful, and user-friendly Kali Forms allows creating awesome contact forms for your WordPress pages. While the pre-built form templates offers huge selections of forms ready for quick reproduction, you can start creating custom contact forms incorporating necessary fields with the convenient drag-and-drop builder. The contact form utility comes in both the free and paid versions.


A wide range of forms including contact forms, payment forms, application forms, appointment forms, booking forms, feedback forms, donation forms, subscription form, email-newsletter forms, and membership/signup forms etc. are available in Kali Forms WordPress plugin.


Built on React, the Kali Forms WordPress contact form plugin offers all the modern, essential form building features File Uploads, Spam Protection, Conditional Logic, Multi-page Forms, E-mail Notifications, and Drag and Drop Editor etc.


The form elements are compatible with retina screens; so, they are responsive to fit nicely on various devices. The Kali Forms are compatible with various popular web browsers as well. However, the contact form features can be extended further, customizing the source files, so as to enrich your forms with added functionality to best meet your connectivity purpose.




7 / Top 10 WordPress Contact Form Plugins – Formidable Forms

7 of the top 10 wordpress contact form plugins - formidable

Formidable Forms is one of the fastest, most advanced, and the best drag-and-drop WordPress contact form plugins. Formidable Forms offer. The popular drag and drop feature is introduced in Formidable Forms for quick reproduction of form fields on the WordPress pages. Besides, there are lots of pre-designed form templates for you to easily add the suitable ones for your purpose. You can also customize the templates to best meet your requirements. The WordPress contact form plugin comes in free and premium versions.


Formidable Forms allows creating multiple choices of forms such as Register/Sign-up Forms, Subscription/Submission Forms, Polls/Survey Forms, Booking/Reservation Forms, Payment/Billing Forms, Directory/Listing Forms, Application Forms, Email Newsletter Forms, Calculator Forms, and so on. The WordPress contact form plugin convincing features include Drag and Drop File Uploads, Spap Protection, Grouped Repeating Fields, Password Fields, Confirmation Fields, Email Newsletter, Pricing ‘Fields, Advanced Calculators, Graphs and Charts, Front-end editing, Permissions, Form Scheduling, Import/Export, Digital Signature, Auto-fill, and Quiz Maker etc.


The WordPress contact form builder comes integrated with several useful extensions like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, MailChimp, MailPoet, AWeber Forms, ConstantContact, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, GetResposne, WPML, and Zapier etc. The form elements are SEO-friendly, browser compatible, and optimized for Retina displays. However, the form builder tool can be extended further to add more features and functionalities. T




8 / Top 10 WordPress Contact Form Plugins – ARForms

8 of the top 10 wordpress contact form plugins - everestforms

ARForms is one of the best WordPress contact form plugins that comes in three design variants – Standard Style, Rounded Style, and Material Style. The form builder plugin allows creating multiple types of forms other than just contact forms. The utility is equipped with numerous pre-made ready templates to easily add the suitable ones and then customize them according to needs. The drag and drop feature also allows adding the required fields in the most convenient way. The form builder plugin comes in free version and premium plans.


ARForms notable features include Anti-spam Protection, Multi Column Layout, Unlimited Color Options, Import/Export Forms, Translation-ready, RTL support, GDPR compliant, Conditional Logic and Mathematical Calculations, Repeater Field, Email Notifications, Tooltip Options, AutoSave, Marketing Tools, OneClick Sample Form Install, Google Fonts, Masking Options, and Built-in Analytics etc. The contact form builder plugin also supports the integration of the popular communicative extensions like ActiveCampaign, iContact, AWeber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, GVO, GetResponse, and Madmimi etc. The WordPress form plugin supports all the modern, popular page builder plugins as well.


ARForms – WordPress contact form plugin elements are optimized for search engines, particularly for page speed. The forms are also compatible with the popular web browsers. The retina-ready ARForms perfectly fits on cross devices.




9 / Top 10 WordPress Contact Form Plugins – Happy Forms

9 of the top 10 wordpress contact form plugins - happyforms

Happy Forms is one of the simplest contact form builders offering different choices of WordPress forms such as registration forms, feedback forms, quote forms, survey forms, lead generation forms, payment forms, appointment forms, email-newsletter forms, donation forms, booking/reservation forms, checkout forms, and polls forms etc. The convenient drag-and-drop form builder plugin comes with lots of pre-built templates for easy reproduction of WordPress forms. The WordPress contact form plugin comes in both free and premium versions.


The Happy Forms features include Spam Protection with Google ReCaptcha, Conditional Logic, File uploads, Multi-column Layout, Unlimited Fields, Duplicate Forms, Live Preview, Unlimited Submissions, Multi-page Forms, Save Progress, GDPR Compliant Forms, Submission Blocklist, Redirect After Submission, Import and Export Tools, User Role Management, Automatic IP Logs, One-click HoneyPot Spam Protection, and 50+ Style Controls etc.


The contact form plugin also allows integrations of other free and premium extensions for added functionality such as Google Analytics, ActiveCampaign, ConstantContact, Aweber, MailChimp, ConvertKit, MailerLite, SendFox, Sendinblue, SendGrid, PayPal, Zappier, Stripe, and so on. However, the Happy Forms elements are optimized for search engines, compatible with popular browsers, and responsive to retina screens as well. The form builder can be further extended customizing the core contents to add more features and functionalities.




10 / Top 10 WordPress Contact Form Plugins – Everest Forms

10 of the top 10 wordpress contact form plugins - everestforms

Everest Forms is a fast, lightweight, extensible, and one of the best WordPress contact form builders out there. With Everest Forms you can create various types of forms other than contact forms such as Registration Form, Request Forms, Booking/Reservation Forms, Quote Request Forms, Support Request Forms, Job Application Forms, Survey Forms, Payment Submission Forms, Request a Call Forms, Conditional Forms, Donation Forms, Polls Forms, Signature Forms, Subscription Forms, Newsletter Signup Forms, and so on. However, the WordPress contact form plugin comes in both the free and premium versions.


The form builder plugin convincing features include Spam Protection, Unlimited Form Fields, Form Field Options, Multiple File Extensions Support, Maximum Upload Limit, Form Labeling, Field Description, Required Input, Redirection after Submission, Email Setting Option, Multiple Email Recipient, Multiple Email Notification, Quick Form Preview, Import/Export Option, Star Form Entries, Auto-fill, SMS Notification, Repeater Fields, Smart Geo-location, Calculator Fields, Coupons, Form Entry Management, and Filter Form Entries etc. The contact form plugin comes with the popular drag-and-drop visual editor for easy manipulation of form fields. Moreover, there are lots of pre-built templates ready to reproduce in your WordPress pages.


A huge range of relevant pro extensions come integrated with the upgraded versions of Everest Forms. The add-ons include PayPal Standard, MailerLite, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, Multi-Part Forms, Drip, Stripe, Zapier, RazorPay, Pipedrive, Google Sheets, Zoho CRM, HubSpot, and so on.


The Everest Forms contact form plugin contents are SEO-friendly, compatible with popular web browsers, and responsive to various retina screens. The contact form plugin is also extendable i.e the form contents and elements can be customized to suit your specific purpose.





So, these are the most comprehensive collections we made for you for the top 10 WordPress contact form plugins from which you can choose the most perfect one for the pages of your favorite WordPress website.